57 Cool Housewarming Gifts For Men Living The Bachelor Life

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He finally has a space to call his own. So now it’s time help him make his new house a home with these cool housewarming gifts for men. From practical items to gadgets and decor, we’ve got all the bases covered.

Cool Housewarming Gifts For Men

1. Scented Candles

First things first, get him a candle to keep his place from smelling like…well, men. A scented candle should do the trick and is a great small housewarming gift for men. This candle has a funny message printed on the front reading: “Good Luck Convincing Your New Neighbors You’re Normal”. Personally, I think this would make a great small housewarming gift from sister to brother.

2. Inverted Lighter

This is a cool lighter from Dissim that has a low-temperature flame to prevent burns. It’s perfect for lighting candles, it’s easily refillable, and has an all-around cool design

3. Theragun Mini

This is an amazing gift for really any occasion, and that includes housewarming. He’ll love having this Theragun Mini portal massager for recovering after finishing the move. This would make an especially good gift if he’s into fitness – it’s a great recovery tool.

4. Fluance Turntable

Class the place up a bit with this turntable from Fluance. This model is a really good mid-range turntable that sounds great. It’s a really thoughtful and cool gift housewarming gift for a music lovers.

5. Speakers

Pair these Edifier speakers with the Fluance turntable for the ultimate housewarming gift for music lovers. These speakers are reasonably priced and have very respectable sound quality. They’ll look great on his bookshelf or anywhere else in his home.

6. Ember

I love my Ember mug so much. It’s a totally unnecessary but awesome gift. It keeps your beverage of choice at the perfect temperature for hours (if on the coaster). You can set your ideal temperature in the app. For example, I drink black tea which has an optimal temperature of 137 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. Bug Salt Gun

I’ve given this Bug-a-salt gun to a dozen of my guy friends and each has loved it! It’s perfect for taking care of bugs in hard-to-reach places and it’s also pretty fun. This is a fun and unique housewarming gift that he’ll definitely love.

8. Breathalyzer

Keep him and his friends safe with this smartphone-enabled BAC monitor. This is a top-rated model which is comparable to police BACs. It gives you an estimated time for when your BAC will be 0%. This is a great way to keep him and his friends safe by knowing when it’s time to call an Uber.

9. Homeowner Manual

This is a great housewarming gift for first-time homeowners. The book has 100 pieces of knowledge that will make him a better homeowner. It has tips on things he’s likely never thought of if he’s never owned a home before. It’s not the most exciting gift on the list, but it sure is helpful.

10. Catch All

I really like this personalized catch-all tray made of vegan leather. It’s perfect for their entryway table where they toss their keys and wallet. You can have it personalized with their initials, which is a nice touch.

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11. Personalized Bottle Opener

This wall-mounted bottle opener will look good in any guy’s home. It can be personalized with his name and initial. It’s a cool and unique handmade housewarming gift that he’ll appreciate.

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12. Steampunk Lamp

A really cool lamp is a great housewarming gift. This awesome steampunk table lamp is dimmable and handcrafted in the USA. It will look awesome in his new home.

13. Funny Coasters

These hilarious coasters are a perfect housewarming gift for men. These coasters feature funny sayings like “WTF, use a coaster, please”. But for real, guys sometimes need a little reminder to protect surfaces of furniture. If he has a sense of humor, he’ll enjoy this 6 piece set of coasters.

14. Instant Pot

We think an Instant Pot is an excellent housewarming gift for men because of its simplicity. There are hundreds of easy recipes that he can cook in just minutes. I often use my instant pot to make the best chicken tacos in about 15 minutes.

15. Quality Skillet

He’s going to love you for giving him this cast iron skillet as a housewarming gift. This pre-seasoned cast iron skillet and lid will allow him to cook some yummy food for himself and his guests. This is a quality gift that will last him a lifetime with proper care. A nice wooden spatula would go great with this as well.

16. Pizza Stone

A quality pizza stone is a must-have for any guy, making it a great housewarming gift. This pizza stone is perfect for the oven or grill and comes with a wooden pizza peel board.

17. Joy of Cooking

Give him this classic book that teaches the fundamentals of cooking and has thousands of recipes. This is a revised version of the classic Joy of Cooking book that you likely have in your kitchen. So give this to him and tell him to get cookin’.

18. Cool Fire Extinguisher

Cool things down, literally, with this fire extinguisher. Seriously, he needs at least one in his house. Hopefully, he never needs it, but this can be a life-saving gift. We love these unique fire extinguishers from SafeTUSA. They are functional but not boring.

19. Smart Thermometer

Give him a smart thermometer if he likes to cook. These things are so handy and practical for anyone. With this smart thermometer, he can monitor the temperature from his smartphone from up to 165ft away. It has a guided cooking system to recommend temperatures and cook times for all different types of meat. This is such a cool housewarming gift for men.

20. Quality Chefs Knife

Unless he’s a cook, there’s a good chance he has no idea what a “good knife” is. Teach him by giving him this Victorinox Swiss Chefs Knife. It will last him for many years with proper care.

21. Magnetic Kitchen Block

I really like this magnetic kitchen block. It is a simple and functional gift that is perfect for any new homeowner. The kitchen block stands straight up when not in use and has a strong magnet that will hold knives.

22. Air Fryer

An air fryer is almost a necessity these days. They’re fantastic for making quick and healthy meals. In my experience, almost anything you make in an air fryer is as good as it would be on a grill, with the exception of steak. I still need my steaks grilled.

23. Hammock

What’s better than kicking back and relaxing on a hammock? Not much. So if he has a backyard in his new place, this is a really cool housewarming gift that he’ll get good use out of. This AmazonBasics hammock comes with a frame and holds up to 400 lbs. 

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24. Weather Station

This is such a unique and cool housewarming gift for men. This is a weather station which they can set up in their backyard to monitor weather conditions. I received a weather station as a gift a few years ago and it’s become one of my favorite gadgets I own. This one from Ambient Weather gives you a precise reading of the weather conditions in your backyard, such as wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, rainfall, UV, and solar radiation. If you’re looking for something super cool and unique that he’s unlikely to have, this is it.

25. Bottle Bash

This is a great gift for men who love to hang with their friends in the backyard. This is a really fun game called Bottle Bash that can be played pretty much anywhere outdoors. Basically, teams compete to knock their opponent’s bottle off of their pole with a frisbee. It’s loads of fun and a great party game.

26. Self Inking Address Stamp

This is a unique housewarming gift idea for him – a self inking address stamp. He can use this for mailing bills, sending thank you cards, Christmas cards, etc. I’ve even used mine on filling out forms and deposit slips.

27. Decanter and Glasses

Help him class the place up a bit with this Italian crafted glass decanter and Whisky glasses set. This set will look great in his new place on the bar or a bar cart. We think this is an excellent gift based on it’s functionality and price.

28. Microbrew Kit

This is a really cool housewarming gift for men who love beer. With this gift, they can create 2 gallons of their own beer! This kit makes it super easy to create your own microbrew and comes with a recipe kit to get them started right away.

29. Cold Brew System

This is a great housewarming gift for men who love coffee. This makes make delicious nitro cold brew coffee at home a cinch.

30. Liquor Dispenser and Lamp

This is a badass liquor dispenser and lamp. It’s such a cool housewarming gift for men who like to have a drink here and there. It’s steampunk design will look great in any guys house and is basically a work of art. He’ll LOVE this gift.

31. Whiskey Stones

This is a really cool housewarming gift for whiskey drinkers and will go great with the decanter and whiskey glass set above. He can put these stones in the freezer and use them to cool his beverage of choice to the perfect temperature whenever needed. These stones will cool the beverage but prevent them from being watered down like with ice.

32. Folding Table and Chairs

A folding table and chairs set will definitely come in handy and be appreciated. Just make sure he knows he can’t use this as his main table – there’s a good chance he’ll try.

33. Smart Water Leak System

Save him from a major headache with this cool smart home water leak sensor kit. This set comes with everything he needs to set up a smart home system that detects water. Installation takes less than 10 minutes and he’ll be able to get alerts anywhere in the world. Tell him to put one near his sump pump, water heater, and anywhere else a water disaster might occur.

34. Roomba

Do you think he’ll vacuum enough on his own? If not, get him a Roomba to help keep things clean around his new home. He can easily program the Roomba to automatically vacuum on a schedule. He won’t have to worry about vacuuming nor the Roomba, as its built-in sensors keep it from falling downstairs or running into objects. It’s a really cool housewarming gift that he’ll definitely use.

35. Phillips Hue Starter Kit

I absolutely love my Phillips Hue lights. Smart home gifts are so cool and useful. This is a starter kit that includes everything he needs to get a Phillips smart home lights up and running. Each bulb can be controlled individually using the app on his smartphone. He can set timers, schedules, colors, and more through the app. Each bulb can be set to one of 16 million color options – so he can find the perfect light setting for every situation.

36. Waterproof Speaker

Give him this JBL Charge waterproof speaker which he can use in the shower or outdoors. It’s IP67 rating means it can be used or charged pretty much anywhere – at the beach, in the pool, or in the rain. It also comes with a built-in powerbank to charge your other devices while on the go.

37. Biometric Safe

A personal safe is a great housewarming gift idea. Help him keep his important items and documents safe with this AmazonBasics programmable safe. This model features a biometric fingerprint reader, making it quick and easy to access.

38. Smart Thermostat

Nest smart thermostats are great as they help save energy and stay comfortable. He’ll be able to easily control his home temperature from his smartphone from anywhere in the world. It’s a really great housewarming gift for anyone.


New OLED TVs are absolutely incredible. They’re so nice that they’ve spoiled going to the movie theatre for me. This is an amazing gift if you like, really really love the guy you’re buying for. This OLED from LG has a 120Hz refresh rate, making it perfect for gaming. You can also buy this bundled with an LG soundbar.

40. Smart Locks

The last smart home gadget on our list is this lock from August. These are really cool because you can set up profiles, temporary keys

41. Backup Battery

Help him be prepared with this awesome powerbank from Anker. It’s got a 256Wh LiFePo4 battery, which means it’s got a ton of power and can last over 3000 cycles. This is a great thing to have around the house for power outages, but also super useful for camping trips or anything outdoors. It can charge a phone 18 times on a single charge or run a mini-fridge for 4.5 hours.

42. Motion Sensor Lights

These are motion sensor lights that are rechargeable and easy to mount. They look really sleek and will look great in most homes. These are useful for stairs and hallways in his new place.

43. Shop Vac

Every guy should own a shop vac, but he might not know that yet. This small, portable wet/dry shop vac from Craftsman can hold up to 2.5 gallons. It can also be used as a small blower. These are great for cleaning up any big messes and for other jobs around the house. These are so handy, he will definitely appreciate it.

44. Stud Finder

Every man needs one of these around the house, if for nothing other than making jokes about how they’re studs. But seriously, these come in super handy when hanging things around the home and you’ll almost certainly save him time and frustration with this small gift.

45. Socket Set

A quality socket set is another “must-have”, which makes it a perfect housewarming gift for men. This 71-piece set comes with SAE and metric sockets. This is a comprehensive set that will last him a lifetime.

46. Compact Drill

Every home needs a compact drill. This set from Milwaukee comes with a tool bag, compact drill, impact drill, and base charger. Milwaukee makes some really great tools and this set is no exception.

47. Housewarming Essentials Gift Basket

Looking for a housewarming gift basket for men? Look no further than this New Home Owner Handy Man House Warming Gift Basket. It has a bunch of must-have items like a hammer, extension cord, command hooks, etc. It’s a nice thoughtful gift that he’ll definitely get use out of.

48. Masculine Handmade Soaps

It’s time he stops using Axe and starts using grown-up soap. This set of 3 gourmet soaps smell amazing and masculine. It comes with the following scents: Black Coffee, Beer Soap, and Pine Tar. These smell great and make for a lovely housewarming gift for men.

49. Smart Scale

Be careful with this one, but a smart scale can be a really great housewarming gift to the right person. Only give this to them if you know they’ll appreciate it.

50. Toilet Timer

If he’s anything like the men in my life, he could use this toilet timer. This is a funny housewarming gift that he can put on his shelf in the bathroom. It features a 5 minute sand time that indicates when it’s time to get off the pot!

51. Bidet

He’ll never have to worry about a run-on toilet paper with this classic bidet from Tushy. This self-cleaning bidet has a pleasant design that is perfect for any man’s house. Bidets are making a major comeback and are a cleaner and healthier way to take care of business. It will cut his TP use by 80% – saving him money and reducing environmental waste.

52. Mason Jars

Give him a set of mason jars for his bathroom! This is a cool housewarming gift that will help keep his bathroom looking good and staying organized. He can use this for storing q-tips, cotton balls, bandaids, etc. These are especially helpful if he doesn’t have a ton of storage in his bathroom.

53. Plunger

Alright, so maybe this one isn’t “cool” per se, but it’s practical and he needs it. He will thank you when he doesn’t have to run out to buy one of these in an emergency situation.

54. Magnetic Flashlight

Maybe this isn’t the most exciting gift on the list, but it is one of the most practical and overlooked items. This flashlight is made from military-grade aluminum alloy and has a magnetic head for picking up washers, screws, nuts, and bolts. He will find this very useful when he loses screws while assembling new furniture.

55. Amazon Gift Card

Unsure of what to get him? Give him a gift card from Amazon along with a card or something small from this list. He’ll appreciate this gift card when he inevitably needs a new tool for his new house. Check out some of the housewarming cards for men below.

56. Snoop Housewarming Card

I love this housewarming card. It features a picture of Snoop with the message “Congrats on your new hizzle.” It’s a funny card to accompany one of the many gifts on this list.

57. David Attenborough Housewarming Card

Another great card from SketchyPrintCo, this one is great for David Attenborough. So basically, it’s great for everyone.

Cool Housewarming Gifts For Men: Wrapping Up

There are a ton of cool housewarming gifts for men out there. We hope we were able to help you find the perfect gift. If you’re still looking for gift ideas, check out one of our many other gift guides. Thanks for reading!