34 Funny Gifts For Men Turning 30

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Funny Gifts For Men Turning 30 Cover

He’s not quite old, but he’s not quite young, either. That can only mean one thing – he’s turning 30! If you know a guy who with a sense of humor and is about to enter his thirties, then you might be looking for a gift that will crack him up. Here are the best funny gifts for men turning 30 that will make him laugh, cry, and hopefully skip right over his quarter-life crisis.

Funniest Gifts For Men Turning 30

30th Birthday Survival Kit For Him

This is a great gift for a man who is about to turn 30. It includes everything he will need to survive this milestone birthday, including hemorrhoidal wipes, wrinkle cream, a magnifying glass, and a pair of earplugs!

It’s quite different than the 21st birthday survival kit we recommended in our 21st birthday gag gifts for him!

Funny Birthday Keychain Gift

It’s a funny and unique gift that’s sure to make him laugh. This keychain is also a great way to show him that you know him better than anyone else. The penny will have a mint date from the year he was born. It’s a funny and cool gift for any guy. 

Men's Gag Gift Visor

It’s time for him to start covering up that bald spot with one of these funny hair hats. These hats are sure to make him laugh. It’s a great gift for men who play poker or golf.

Underwear in a Can

These emergency underpants are a great little gag gift to go with one of the funny 30th birthday cards for men on this list.
Funny Emergency Underpants Gag Gift For Men

"Talk Thirty To Me" Personalized Can Cooler

This is a great party favor for his 30th birthday party. It’s a can cooler with his face on it and the phrase “Talk Thirty To Me.” It’s sure to make all of his friends laugh and it’s a great way to commemorate his big day.

So Happy I'm Thirty Funny Balloons

These are great for a 30th birthday party. The “So Happy I’m Thirty” ballons spell out “Sh*t” when hung properly. It’s a great way to bring a little humor to the party decorations.

Happy Birthday Insult Card

This birthday card is sure to get a laugh out of him. It’s funny and insulting all at the same time! This is the perfect card to give from a younger sibling or friend. Pair this card with one of the other funny gifts of this list for an even better gift!

Bad News You're 30 Card

This is another funny birthday card that is sure to get a laugh out of him and hammer home the message that he’s old as dirt now. This card is perfect for giving to a friend.

Retro Candy Gift Box

This is a great gift for him if he’s a fan of candy. This gift box includes all of his favorite retro candy from when he was a kid. It’s a great way to take him back to his childhood and make him feel nostalgic.

If you like the idea of a gift basket, but want to give him something a bit healthier, check out our guide on the best heart healthy gift baskets for men!

30th Birthday Vintage Decor For Him

This is a cool gift because it rubs his face in the fact that he’s now a 30-year-old man, but it also provides a little history lesson on the big events from the year he was born. This gift is perfect for the history buff or for someone who loves to read the news.

Holy Sh*t You're 30!

This is a great little 30th birthday gag gift for him. This toilet paper is printed with the words “Holy Shit You’re 30!” on it. It’s sure to make him laugh and help him cope with the fact that he’s now a 30 year old man.

Aged To Perfection Whiskey Glass

We love this whiskey glass and gift box set. The glass is embossed with his birth year and reads “Vintage: Aged To Perfection” below. And, it’s a gift that he’ll appreciate for longer than one night.

29 + 1 Socks

Does he like to act like a curmudgeon? If so, these are the perfect socks to celebrate his 30th birthday!

Your Twenties Have Expired Card

Another great card, this one reads “I regret to inform you that your twenties have expired!” Pair this with another one of the small gag gifts on this list for added effect.

Still Waiting For My Hogwarts Letter

Is he a potterhead? If so, this is the perfect gift for him! This mug is sure to make him laugh and it’s also a great way to show him that you understand his love for all things Harry Potter.

Looks 16, Feels 10, Acts 4 = 30

Does he look young, feel younger, and act even younger? Than this shirt is for him! It’s a funny way to poke a little fun at your favorite guy.

210 Dog Years Old Coffee Mug

In case he doesn’t feel old enough, give him this mug with his age in dog years. It’s a funny way to remind him that he’s now officially an old man. This mug is also a great way to start his day off with a laugh.

Raunchy Candle

Give him a candle that he can use for months and will give him a good laugh every time he sees it. The company that makes this candle also has other funny candles available on amazon.

Somehow I Manage

If he’s a fan of The Office, give him Michael Scotts Autobiography “Somehow I Manage”. It’s actually just a notebook with The Office quotes, but it’s pretty great. If he’s not a fan of The Office, you need to educate him… because he is missing out.

I Wish I Didn't Know Trivia

This trivia game is a blast. It’s fully of raunchy and weird trivia that you probably wish you didn’t know. It’s easy to play and comes with 500 trivia cards.

The Gen Z Dictionary

Though he’s close to being a Gen Z, he’s not. And you should bring that to his attention with this funny Gen Z Dictionary. Tell him he needs to read up so he doesn’t out himself as an old person at work.

Uninspirational Calendar

Does he have a good attitude? Change that by giving him this Uninspirational calendar. It’s full of hilarious quotes like “Today is going to be great… for someone else!” or “Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow”.

Hangover Kit

Let’s be honest, he can’t hang like he used to. But the important thing is – he didn’t die! So give him this hangover kit to use for the morning after his big 30th birthday celebration. He’s going to need some help, now that he’s an oldie.

Fake Lottery Tickets

These are fake lottery tickets, meaning every ticket is a jackpot winner. These are excellent gifts if you want to crush his soul. Just kidding!

Dangling Stress Balls​

Does he work from home? If so, give him these… uh… stress balls. They dangle from the desk, providing a convenient way to relax while working.

Mature Coffee Table Book

He’s a mature adult, and mature adults have calendars. So give him this Nature’s D*ck Pics calendar to help him keeps track of all of his important appointments in a mature and responsible manner.

Old Man Wall Decal

These are just fantastic. I love, love, love this old man. Sneakily hang these in his garage or bathroom for a hilarious prank.

Beer Belly Fanny Pack​

He might already have the real thing, but these are great either way. I mean, if he doesn’t have one already, it’s really only a matter of time.

These aren’t just hilarious, but they’re also functional. It’s a great way for him to keep track of all the prescription medications for like glaucoma or whatever other ailments he has due to old age.

Beer Belly Fanny Pack​​

Want to make him laugh and feel uncomfortable? Then give him this butt-shaped pillow. They’re surprisingly comfortable, too. 

Potato with Face

This is great if either of you love absurd humor. You can have your face or his printed on a potato and mailed to him. It’s absolutely nonsensical, hilarious, and perfect.

Custom Face Socks Gift

I love these socks. They’re very funny and always go over well with the recipient. You can have your face or his added to the socks. They’re very silly but also functional and fun.

An Empty Box

Did he tell you he wanted nothing? If so, then give him what he asked for – nothing! This is a great gag gift and will go perfectly with a nice card, gift card, or literally nothing (if you’re cruel).

Burrito Blanket

Now that he’s old, he’ll be spending more time on the couch recovering. So give him this burrito blanket to wrap himself up in while relaxing on the couch.

Personalized Koozie

I love this personalized retro koozie. Just get a classic childhood photo of him and upload it to Etsy.

Wrapping Up: Funny Gifts For Men Turning 30

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our gift guide on funny gifts for men turning 30. We hope you found the perfect gift for him, but if not, check out one of the many gift guides for men below for more inspiration!