41 Most Bee-utifiul Gifts For Bee Lovers In Your Life!

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If you’re looking for a bee-themed gift for the bee lovers in your life, look no further! Below we’ve compiled the ultimate list of gifts for bee lovers that are sure to be a hit.

What do you get a bee lover?

There are many things you can get a bee lover! The perfect gift will depend on their relationship with bees, what their interests are, and what they already have. They may appreciate bee-themed jewelry, art, or books. You could also give them something to help them in their beekeeping hobby, like a book on attracting bees or a beehive kit. The list below offers some great ideas for bee lovers of all types.

Best Gifts For Bee Lovers

Popup Bee Cage Card

This popup card bee is so cool the receiver will want to put it on display. This is the perfect card to accompany one of the many other bee themed gifts you’ll find below. The card is blank, so you can use it for any occasion. We think this would make for a great Mother’s Day or Birthday card.

Complete Beehive Kit

Give this beehive to the aspiring beekeeper to get them started. This is a premium box from BeeCastle is made with beeswax coated wood and precision cut dovetail joints. Make sure to check out some of BeeCastles other great beekeeping products. They have all the equipment needed to get your favorite honey bee beekeeping.

The Beekeepers Bible

This is the ultimate book and the perfect gift for bee lovers out there who want to learn about beekeeping. It’s an essential guide to beekeeping and a must-have for any aspiring beekeepers. Not only does it provide detailed instructions on how to be a beekeeper, but it also includes over 100 ways to use honey in recipes, as well as other uses for honey around the home.

Crystal Honey Jar

This is the most adorable crystal honey jar! This honey jar is shaped like a beehive and includes the wood honey dipper. It has over 4000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It’s the perfect little bee gift for Christmas or any other occasion.

Premium Manuka Honey

You can’t give a honey jar without some premium honey to go with it! This raw, Non-GMO Project verified Manuka Honey, is one of the best brands of honey out there. It’s a product of New Zealand. This honey is delicious and has supposed health benefits.

Bee Kitchen Towel

These bee-themed decorative hand towels would make a wonderful addition to any bee lovers kitchen. It comes in a pack of four. Each towel is printed with a cute saying like “Bee Kind”, “Bee Sweet”, and “Bee Happy”.

Planting for Honeybees

If their goal is to attract more honeybees to their yard, this book is for them! This book will tell them exactly which plants they need to plant to attract honeybees to their garden – no matter how big or small of a garden – they’ll be attracting bees in no time!

Wooden Bee Signs

We love these wood bee signs! These high-quality wood signs are the perfect bee themed gift for any bee lovers out there. Each sign in the set of 5 features an inspirational saying like “Bee Happy”, “Bee Kind”, and “Sweet as can Bee”. We think these bee signs would look great in any kitchen and will bring joy to the receiver. 

French Glassware with Embossed Napoleon Bee

I have a set of these and they make me happy all year round! These old-fashioned glasses are embossed with the iconic Napoleon l’abeille (Bee) coat of arms. They’re made in the oldest glass factory in France. These are a great addition to any kitchen. 

Bee Wreath

Bring some vibrant energy to their front door with this bee-themed wreath. The wreath is packed with sunflowers and bees, and a welcome sign in the middle. I love the yellow polka-dotted materials as well. 

Bee Welcome Rug

This is another great bee gift for a bee lovers entryway. This hand hooked rug features a honeycomb design and three adorable bees. There are a ton of different bee welcome mats available on amazon, if this one doesn’t float your boat.

Hand-Rolled Beeswax Pillar Candle

I absolutely love these hand-rolled beeswax candles. This candle is a triple wicked with a cool honeycomb texture. It will burn for approximately 45-50 hours. Because these are hand rolled candles, as the candle burns, the outer layers become translucent, creating a beautiful soft glow. They also give off a wonderful honey scent as they burn.

Pure Beeswax Smokeless Candles

This is a set of 100 pure beeswax candles, each with a burn time of around 2 ½ hours. These candles give off a delicate honey scent that the receiver will love. They also make for great birthday candles for bee lovers!

Ceramic Dessert Plates

These ceramic bee plates are hand-painted and perfect for everyday use. The beautiful designs were created by Susan Winget. Each plate has a unique bee themed design and sayings like “Bee kind”, “Bee Sweet”, and “Bee Happy”. The bee lover in your life will cherish these plates and think of you every time they use them! They’re even dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Inset Box Sign

This sign is a fantastic addition to any room. It has a beautiful, delicate watercolor bee artwork that was designed by Annie Quigley. The bees have text underneath that read “Happy, Kind, Humble”. It would be a great addition to any bee lover’s home office, child’s room, or kitchen.

No Drip Honey Jar

This is a wonderful gift for the beekeeper or honey lover in your life. The no-drip honey jar has a valve system that helps to prevent honey from dripping out and making a mess. The sides are embossed with a honeycomb design. This is one of my favorite bee gifts!

Honeycomb Stained Glass Window Hangings

This beautiful stained glass window hanging is a great gift for the bee lover that wants something a little more decorative for their home. The honeycomb design is stunning when the light shines through it and the colors are vibrant. It would be a beautiful addition to any room.

Out of all the gifts for bee lovers on this list, this one is my favorite!

Bee Tumbler

This tumbler cup is the perfect gift for the bee-inspired soul. The double-wall vacuum insulation will keep their drink hot or cold for hours on end. The design is very hippie-inspired and would look good in any kitchen. The mug says “Let it bee” and has other peace signs printed around the bee.

Honeybee Socks

What could “bee” more fun than honey bee socks? These socks are sure to keep your loved one’s feet warm and toasty. The socks feature a honeycomb design with dozens of little bees. These socks will make the receiver smile every time they put them on.

Honeybee Trivet

This bee trivet will make a beautiful addition to any kitchen and would make a great wedding gift or housewarming gift. It is made of solid cherry wood that’s be carved with three honey bees. The trivet is sealed with butcher block oil and made in the USA.

Queen Bee Charm Bracelet

This queen bee charm bracelet is fitting for the bee keeper or honey lover in your life. The twisted stainless steel band is adjustable to fit most wrists and the charms are lead and nickel free. This bracelet is a suitable addition to any outfit. Each bracelet comes with a small medallion that reads “Queen Bee”, a honeycomb charm, and a cute little bee charm.  

Honeybee Coin Ring

This honeybee coin ring is a true work of art. It is handmade with two different types of metal, sterling silver, and 24k yellow gold vermeil, to give it a unique two-tone look. It is also a signet ring, which means it can be used as a personal seal. We think this would look great on the hand of any bee lover!

Personalized Bee Stamp

This is a great gift for the bee lover who loves to send snail mail. A personalized address stamp will make their letters and cards stand out from the crowd. The stamp is also a great way to add a touch of personality to any piece of mail. The center of the stamp features a small bee with wildflowers. 

Eye Balm

This eye balm is a must-have for the bee lover in your life. It is made with natural ingredients and is perfect for the delicate skin around the eyes. The “bee naturals” Peeper Keeper eye balm is made from beewaxs, shea butter, and beta carotene. We think this would make for a cute stocking stuffer for a bee lover.

Burt’s Bees Onesie

Burt’s Bees is a go-to choice for those who want organic and natural products and this 5-pack of unisex baby bodysuits is no exception. The bodysuits are made of organic cotton and are soft and comfy against the baby’s skin. They also feature playful bee designs. 

More Than Honey (2012) Documentary

This documentary is a must-watch for any bee lover. It takes an in-depth look at the current state of honeybees, the different ways people are trying to save the bees, and more. It’s a fascinating look at the importance of bees and the lengths people are going to save them.

Honeycomb Fleece Blanket

This cute yellow throw blanket is so soft and has a fun honeycomb design with dozens of bees. We think this would make for a great winter gift for someone who loves bees. The bee design will hopefully spark joy every time they snuggle up to get warm. 

Bee Sweet Teapot

This 3-D beehive teapot was also designed by Susan Winget, and is hand-painted. The beautiful teapot is shaped like a bee hive and is hand-painted with wildflowers and bees. If this doesn’t spark joy for a bee lover, I’m not sure what will! 

Bee Sweet Mugs

Another Susan Winget design, these bee sweet mugs come in a set of four assorted designs. They are made of durable ceramic and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Each mug has a cute bee related design and text that reads “Bee True”, “Bee Kind”, “Bee Happy”, and “Bee sweet”

Ceramic Bee Cookie Jar

This adorable bee cookie jar is for the bee lover with a sweet tooth. It is made of ceramic and has a “Bee Happy’ graphic. The jar stands 7 inches tall and is great for storing cookies, candy or sugar.

Tea Infuser

This tea infuser is a wonderful gift for the bee lover that also enjoys a nice cup of tea. The infuser is made of stainless steel and the charm is a zinc alloy honeybee attached by a small chain.

Beehive Cake Pan

We love this adorable cake pan shaped like a beehive with a few cute bees. It makes 7″ tall cakes with an 8″ diameter. The manufacturer also makes a cakelets pan.

Reusable Face Mask

This bee-themed reusable face mask is fitting for the times we’re in. It’s equipped with six activated carbon filters. Each mask has 3 bees and multiple hearts printed on the front.

Bee Gifts For Her

Honey Bar Soaps

This set of four honey bar soaps is a great gift for the bee lover that loves to pamper themselves. The soap set comes with four different scents: honey, honey aloe, honey oatmeal, and honey almond. They are made of all-natural ingredients.

Bee Trinket Box

This handcrafted trinket box would make an excellent addition to any beekeeper’s home. It’s perfect for displaying small keepsakes or jewelry. I especially love the embossed flowers on the sides of the trinket box. You could even put a few other small bee related gifts in the box when giving it. 

Women’s Honeybee T-shirt

This shirt is a fantastic gift for the bee lover that wants to help spread awareness about the importance of these little creatures. It also sends a message of love and support for the bee keeping community. The shirt is made of high-quality cotton and is available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. The front reads “Support Your Local Honey Bee, Save the Bees”. 

24K Honeybee Earrings

These adorable honeybee earrings are made of solid sterling silver and then dipped in satin 24K gold. They are handcrafted and perfect for everyday wear. These earrings would pair great with the honeycomb bee necklace below.

Sterling Silver Honeycomb Necklace

I love this sterling silver pendant necklace from LUHE! It features a honeycomb beehive and a gold-plated honeybee pendant. It’s an elegant necklace that will be cherished by almost any bee lover out there.

Bumble Bee Sparkling Key Chain

A small bee is encrusted with sparkling rhinestones on a silver key ring. If you’re looking for some small bee themed gifts, this, as well as the bee tea infuser above, are great options.

Bee Themed Gifts For Him

Bee Soap

These handmade soap bars are ideal for the man that loves the outdoors and bees! The masculine fragrances of patchouli, pine tar, and charcoal beeswax, and citrus will be a hit. They’re made from all-natural ingredients.

Honeybee T-shirt

If you’re looking for bee gifts for him, this is a great option. The shirt reads “save the bees” with a cute honeybee graphic.

Wrapping Up: Gifts For Bee Lovers

Thanks for checking out all of the bee stuff for bee lovers! Hopefully, you found the perfect gift, but if not, check out one of our other many gift guides, like the best Viking Gifts or Gifts for Walkers for more inspiration. Thank you for reading!