27 Gifts For Mom Who Doesn’t Want Anything (That She Won’t Return)

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Best Gifts For Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything

If your mom constantly says she doesn‘t want anything for her birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day, this gift guide is for you. We’ve rounded up the best gifts for mom that doesn’t want anything, from a beautiful piece of jewelry to a luxurious robe. 

1. Smart Mug

Does mom enjoy a hot beverage every morning? If so, she’ll love this smart mug from Ember. It allows her to set the desired temperature of her favorite beverage and it will maintain that temperature for hours! I never realized I needed one of these until I was gifted one, now I can’t live without it!

2. Personal Alarm

This is a great gift for any mom, but especially the mom’s who enjoy walking by themselves. It’s a personal safety alarm that emits an extremely loud siren when the pin is pulled. It also has a built-in strobe light to help draw attention to her location. Hopefully, they never need it, but it’s a great thing to have, just in case. 

3. Massage Gun

A massage gun is an excellent gift for moms who like to work out or have a physically demanding job – like being a mom! It’s a percussion massager that helps with recovery, soreness, knots, etc. It’s also small, so she can toss it in her purse or suitcase to use on the go!

4. Bidet

This bidet from TUSHY is awesome! It works off of regular water pressure from the tank, so there’s no need to call an electrician or plumber to install it – it only takes a few minutes to install. It’s self-cleaning and aesthetically pleasing. The best part? Mom will never have to worry about a run on toilet paper again!

5. Car Vacuum

Is your mom a bit of a neat freak? Mine is, and that’s why I got her this small handheld vacuum for her car. She keeps it in her trunk and uses it to quickly take care of messes from her grandkids or spilled potting soil. It’s powered by the vehicle’s auxiliary power outlet, so there is no need to worry about charging. 

6. Seat Gap Filler

This is a really great gift for mom’s who spend a lot of time on the road. It’s a seat gap filler to prevent her phone, keys, change, or anything else from falling into the dark abyss. 

7. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are amazing and everyone should own one. They’re especially great for people who work out, but everyone can benefit from one, regardless of their activity level. It’s like getting a deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home. 

8. Weather Station

This is one of the coolest gifts for moms who don’t want anything. It’s a weather station with a digital monitor and smartphone app to allow them to see the exact weather conditions in their backyard. It’ll tell her how much rain she’s gotten, what the UV index is, the temperature, and more. 

9. Sonos Roam

My mom loves her Sonos Roam. It sounds amazing, but it’s also water resistant, so there’s no need to worry if it gets splashed or rained on. It’s perfect for taking a bath or bringing outside while gardening. 

10. Face Socks

This is more of a gag gift, but it will almost certainly go over well. Give her a few pairs of these with each of her kid’s or grandkid’s faces. 

11. Quality Fountain Pen

If your mom is like mine, she loves writing letters by hand. This is a great gift for moms who don’t want anything – it’s small, simple, and a quality product. It’s also easy to refill, so it will last her a long time. 

12. Digital Picture Frame

Digital photo frames are great for moms who don’t want anything and have everything. It’s a great way for them to display the hundreds of photos they have on their photos but have yet to print out. These are also great for grandparents, but you may need to assist them with loading the images!

13. The Daily Stoic

The Daily Stoic is a great gift for moms who don’t want anything. The book features 366 short stoic meditations on the art of living – one of each day of the year and an extra for leap year. 

14. Roomba

She may say she doesn’t want anything, but she will love this roomba. It can help to keep her floor nice and tidy automatically, so she doesn’t have to. 

15. Dog Water Bottle

If mom has a dog and loves to take it for a walk, this is a unique gift idea that she’ll appreciate. It’s a dog water bottle to help keep her pup cool and hydrated on long walks. It has a small bowl where her dog can take a quick drink whenever needed. 

16. Yeti Rambler

This is a more low-tech way to keep moms beverages at the perfect temperature, but it’s still very effective. 

17. Foot Bath

If your mom is on her feet all day long, she will love this foot bath to sooth her feet after a long day. The heated bubbles and water jets provide a nice foot massage in the comfort of her home.

18. Journal

Has mom ever mentioned that she wishes she journaled? Many people wish they journaled but struggle to get into a habit of doing so. 

This is an excellent gift for anyone who wants to build a habit of journaling, as it only takes 5 minutes of your day to do so. 

There are small prompts for every day of the week which ask you to write about what would make the day great, what you appreciate, and what you learned. It’s simple and effective. 

19. Slippers

You really can’t go run with a pair of nice slippers. These suede slippers from Ugg are super comfortable and stylish.

20. Tea Sample Kit

This is a cute little tea sampler kit with a variety of flavors and types of tea. There are 40 different teas included in each adorable gift box.

21. Electric Tea Kettle

This is another great tea relattea-relateded gift – it’s a retro 50’s electric tea kettle that looks so cool! if your mom is a tea lover, she will love this kettle.

22. Indoor Herb Garden

This is such a cool way for mom to grow herbs indoors all year long. If she loves cooking, she will enjoy having this in the kitchen to use in her famous recipes. 

23. Candle

This candle smells amazing! Voluspa has a variety of high-quality candles that burn for hours. It’s a great gift and she’ll think of you every time she smells this candle.

24. Electric Candle Lighter

Pair the candle above with this electric candle lighter for a complete gift. This lighter uses electricity to light the candle, meaning she’ll never burn her hand lighting a candle again. Plus, it’s windproof and rechargeable.

25. Yoga Mat

Maybe mom is a yoga nut, or maybe you want to encourage her to take it up. Either way, a nice yoga mat is a good gift and mom can use it for other things like stretching or foam rolling. 

26. Cast Iron Skillet

This is a high-quality pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. If your mom enjoys cooking but doesn’t have a quality skillet, this is a great option. It will last her a lifetime with proper care.

27. Spa Gift Card

Maybe mom needs to get out of the house and relax a bit. You can give her just that with a gift card from Spa Finder. It’ll allow her to use a local spa near her home.  

Bonus: Box of Nothing

This is a great gag gift for the mom who doesn’t want anything. It’s literally a box of nothing. It’s perfect to accompany a gift card or thoughtful note. It’s a great gag gift for moms with a great sense of humor.

Wrapping Up: Gifts For Mom Who Doesn't Want Anything

We know it can be frustrating to search for gifts, so we hope you enjoyed our list of best gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything. If you’re still looking for gifts for mom or anyone else, check out one of our many gift guides for inspiration. Thank you for reading!