35 Gifts For Walkers That’ll Make Their Walks More Enjoyable

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Best Gifts For Walkers

We all know someone who loves to walk, whether its around the neighborhood, in the park, or even on a trail. And what better way to show your appreciation for their favorite pastime than with a gift that encourages them to get out there and walk even more? Plus, walking is good for their health! Here are our top gifts for walkers finds that will make their walks more enjoyable!

1. Comfy Walking Socks


These socks are the perfect gift for the walker in your life. Theyre made of merino wool, which makes them soft, durable, and moisturewicking. They also come with a lifetime guarantee, so she can wear them every day and know that shell always have a fresh pair.

2. Under Desk Treadmill


This treadmill is ideal for walkers that want to get in a walk without having to leave home or walking while working from home. The UREVO treadmill fits under most desks and has a quiet motor. It also has a builtin safety key.

3. Fitbit Charge 5


This Fitbit Charge 5 is a practical gift for the healthconscious individual. It monitors heart rate, calories burned, active minutes, sleep, and more. In addition, the builtin GPS tracks their walks and runs, and the stress management tools help them to stay calm and collected.

4. Ankle Weights


These adjustable weights will add an extra challenge to their walks, helping them tone their body and improve their endurance. They can easily wrap these weights around their wrists or ankles to increase the intensity of their walks.

5. Bluetooth Headphones


I couldn’t live without my AirPods, let alone go for a walk without them. These cordless earbuds are easy to set up and have great sound quality. These are great for listening to music, podcasts, or music while out walking.

6. Audible Subscription

Audible Audio Book Covers

A 3month audiobook subscription is a thoughtful gift for the walker in your life. With Audible, they can choose from over 180,000 audiobooks, including all the best sellers, new releases, and exclusive titles. They can use this subscription across all of their devices.

7. Pepperspray


Unfortunately, pepper spray is a great gift for a loved one who likes to take walks or runs. This is an easy way to provide a level of personal protection for your loved one. 

8. Umbrella


The Repel Travel Umbrella is a windproof and waterproof umbrella with a fiberglass frame that can withstand high winds. The umbrella is also coated with Teflon to provide a waterrepellent finish. With its ninefoot canopy and ergonomic, rubbergrip handle, this umbrella is ideal for keeping them dry on their daily walk.

9. Walking Stick


These walking sticks are a beautiful addition to any walkers collection. They are made of real wood and are well sized for anyone on the go. The sticks have a comfortable grip and a sturdy strap.

10. Foot Massager


This Shiatsu foot massager offers a deep tissue massage that travels up and down the entire foot. They can also focus the massage on their lower or upper foot or a specific spot for pinpoint relaxation. This gift will leave their feet feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a long walk.

11. Dr. Teal's Gift Set


Give your favorite walker the gift of relaxation with this Dr. Teals eucalyptus and spearmint Relax & Relief gift set. The set includes a eucalyptus and spearmint aromatherapy body wash, body lotion, bubble bath, and foot soak. The aromatherapy ingredients in these products help to relieve stress and tension.

12. Scented Candle


This candle is a blend of French cade wood, lavender, and lemon. The woodsy, earthy scent is perfect for the winter season. The candle is made with a coconut wax blend and a lead-free cotton wick for a clean, long-lasting burn. They’ll love to light this candle after a long walk.

13. Reflective Vest


This highly visible, reflective vest helps ensure their safety when they’re out for a walk, run, or cycle. The vest has eight light modes that are easy to activate with the touch of a button. It also has a builtin rechargeable battery.

14. Reflective Phone Band


This reflective phone holder armband is great for walkers, runners, or anyone who wants to be safe while on the go at night. The band is adjustable to fit most arms and has a clear plastic window that allows them to use their phones touchscreen without taking it out of the band.

15. Reflective Beanie


This beanie is ideal for those who like to take leisurely walks during the winter months. The soft, fleece lining will keep their head and ears warm and the reflective dashes will keep them safe and visible while they walk.

16. Traction Cleats


The Yaktrax Walker is a musthave for anyone who walks in slippery conditions. These slipon traction devices provide stability and safety on packed snow and ice, and are perfect for walking to work, the grocery store, or around town.

17. Electric Shoe Dryer


This electric shoe and boot dryer is a useful gift for the walker in your life. It is a fast, easy, and convenient way to dry shoes and boots without the wait. The dryer is lightweight and easy to store away while not in use. 

18. Small Fanny Pack


This small fanny pack is perfect for carrying their essentials while they walk. The pack features zippered compartments on the front and back, as well as a water bottle pocket on the side. They’ll love the comfortable and adjustable waistband, and the pack is available in a variety of colors to suit their style.

19. Shoe Scrapper


The Shoe Brush Cleaner is a great way to clean off the bottom and sides of their shoes before entering their home.

20. Shoe Cleaner


Keep their walking shoes in top condition with the Miracle Shoe Cleaner Kit. The 8 oz. bottle of fabric cleaner is safe for leather, whites, and nubuck sneakers. 

21. Identification Bracelet


A personalized ID bracelet is a great gift for anyone that loves to walk. The bracelet can include the individuals name, address, and phone number in case of an emergency. This is a practical gift for an elderly person or someone with a medical condition that loves to take walks by themselves.

22. Watertight Jacket


The Columbia watertight jacket is great for those cold, wet days. The OmniTech fabric is waterproof and breathable, and the jacket has a comfortable fit. The jacket also features a zipin fleece liner, which can be worn separately, and a variety of pockets.

23. Foam Roller


A foam roller is a useful gift for loosening up a walker’s body after a long walk. This is a great way for them to massage the muscles and release any tension after any physical activity.

24. Compression Boots


These compression massage boots are perfect for walkers. They help improve blood circulation and reduce swelling, which in turn helps to relieve pain.

25. Gloves


The Nike DriFit Element Gloves are ideal for those brisk walks in the winter. The gloves have a DriFit lining to keep your hands warm and dry. They are also touchscreencompatible, so they can use their phone without taking these gloves off.

26. No Pull Harness


This harness is great for walkers who are accompanied by their four-legged friend. The no-pull harness will help train their dog not to pull on the leash, making walks much more pleasant for both of them. It’s adjustable to ensure a perfect fit.

27. Dog Water Bottle


This water bottle is a necessity for those who love to take their furry friend on walks in the summer. The water bottle is made of food-grade plastic and includes a builtin bowl which makes it easy to give their dog a drink on the go.

28. Collapsible Water Bottle


This leak proof and collapsible water bottle is handy for those on the go. Made of durable and food grade materials, this bottle is a great alternative to disposable water bottles. The soft straw spout is easy to drink from and the bottle fits easily into a backpack, pocket, or purse once empty.

29. Personal Alarm


This 130dB personal alarm emits a loud, shrill alarm and strobe light to deter an attacker and summon help. The alarm is activated by a simple pull of the pin, and the key chain makes it easy to take with them wherever they go. Choose from five fun pop colors.

30. Deodorizing Balls


These deodorizing balls work great for shoes, gym bags, drawers, and lockers. They help to get rid of any bad odor and keep their items smelling great.

31. In Praise Of Walking


Neuroscientist Shane OMara offers a tour of the latest research on the benefits of walking in this illuminating book. From boosting moods and memory to reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer, theres hardly an aspect of health that isnt improved by a brisk walk. With In Praise of Walking, they’ll discover just how good for you it is to get up and get moving.

32. Hiking Coffee Table Book


This beautifully illustrated book details the 100 greatest hikes in the world, from wellknown trails like the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails to lesserknown gems in every corner of the globe. Each hike is mapped, rated for difficulty, and includes essential information like the length, elevation change, and estimated time of completion.

33. Walking Insoles


These insoles are perfect for the walker that wants a little extra cushioning and support. The shockabsorbing insole helps to reduce the impact of every step, while the arch support helps to keep their foot in proper alignment. Additionally, the moisturewicking fabric helps to keep their feet dry and comfortable all day long.

34. Walking or Running Stroller


This lightweight stroller is perfect for walkers and joggers with kids. The all-terrain design and front wheel suspension make it easy to pull over any surface, while the large cargo area provides plenty of room for supplies. With a five-point harness system, the kids will be safe and comfortable while out on a walk or jog.

35. Knee Support


The best knee braces help with knee pain by providing compression and support. If your loved one is looking for a way to reduce knee pain while walking, these compression knee sleeves are the perfect solution.

Wrapping Up: Gifts For Walkers

We hope you enjoyed our gift guide on the best gifts for walkers. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out one of our many other lists! Thank you for reading!