10 Heart Healthy Gift Baskets For Men

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Best Heart Healthy Gift Baskets For Men

Heart health is important for everyone, but it can be a particular concern for men, as they are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack. If you know a guy who is focused on maintaining a healthy heart through dieting and self-care, a gift basket with heart healthy treats or self-care items is great way to show your support. Here are our favorite heart healthy gift baskets for men.

1. Healthy Box of Nuts

When eaten as part of a balanced diet, nuts can help lower cholesterol! So give him this gift box full of 12 different seeds and nuts that are nutritious and delicious!

2. Heart Healthy Gift Basket

This heart healthy gift basket for men is full of gourmet treats that are health and delicious. They ship in a wood crate and come with a variety of snacks, green tea, and honey. Check out the full detail of what’s included by clicking the link below.

3. Men's Self Care Gift Box

Is he under a lot of stress? If so, encourage him to treat himself to a little self-care with this lovely gift box available on Etsy. It comes with massage oil, body butter, a shaving bar, lip balm, and muscle therapy salve.

4. Heart Healthy Snack Basket

This is another great heart healthy gift basket for men that he’ll enjoy. Each basket is available with 20 – 30 healthy, individually wrapped snacks and would make a great care package. You can even add a handwritten note. Check it out on Etsy.

5. Coffee Gift Box

Did you know that drinking 2 – 3 cups of coffee a day is associated with a lower risk of heart disease? So you can rest easy by sending him this gift box full of gourmet coffee. It also includes a couple chocolates, a stirring spoon, and a beautiful ceramic mug. 

6. Healthy Hydration Gift Basket

Unsure of what to send him? Check out this healthy hydration gift basket with fresh fruit, strawberry lemonade, sparkling water, and healthy nuts and bars.

7. Heart Healthy Gift Basket

This gift box is loaded with healthy snacks to get him through the day. Each box includes roasted almonds,  roasted pistachios, raw cashews, kettle corn, 2 packs of clusters, and a bag of trail mix. I really like the presentation as well!

8. Fruit Basket

How about some fresh fruits and healthy snacks? This gift basket, which is available with same day delivery, is packed with assorted fruits and gourmet snacks that he’ll love.

9. Dried Fruits and Nuts

Give him this platter of dried fruits and nuts! This is a good gift if he has a family or friends that he lives with – It’s a lot of dried fruit for one person!

10. Dark Chocolate and Wine Gift Basket

Last but certainly not least, is the awesome box of wide wine and dark chocolate. Red wine, in moderation, is said to contain antioxidants making it heart healthy. Dark chocolate is also said to be associated with a lower risk of heart disease.

Heart Healthy Gift Baskets For Men: Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed our post on heart healthy gift baskets for men and found the perfect gift basket for him! A heart healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent heart disease, so these baskets are a great way to encourage the men in your life to live a healthier life. If you’re still in need of inspiration, check out one of our many other gift guides for men!