13 Drama Free Opening Night Gifts For Him That’ll Make The Night Memorable

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Opening Night Gifts For Men Cover

There is nothing quite like opening night! He’s been practicing his lines for weeks, maybe months, and his big night at the theatre is finally here. Help him remember this special night with a gift that celebrates his achievement. From flowers and cards to books and Shakespeare pins, we’ve got the perfect gift to commemorate his brilliant performance.

Gift Ideas For His Opening Night

Flower Press and Flowers Gift

Real flowers are a must – just make sure you don’t give him flowers before the show! Giving an actor flowers before the show is considered taboo and is seen as tempting fate.

When you get home, take one of the flowers and create a flower press on an extra playbill. It’s a really unique and thoughtful gift that he’ll treasure forever.

Opening Night Break A Leg Card

Give him a card that matches the occasion! We love this cute opening night card from Spotlight Cardshop. The front says “It’s Opening Night, Break a leg!” and the inside is empty, allowing you to put your own good luck message inside. This message will go great with flowers or one of the many opening night gifts for him on this list.

Personalized Decanter and Gift Box

If he’s 21 or older, this is a really cool gift to get on opening night. You can personalize the front and back of this decanter with his name and a message, date, or coordinates. Pair this with his favorite bottle of whiskey and you have the perfect gift to celebrate all his hard work. It’s a great gift to help him relax after to the show!

Shakespeare's Hamlet Pin

Well, it doesn’t have to be Hamlet. But this Hamlet pin or something similar is a great small gift that he’ll appreciate. There are other pins on Etsy with famous quotes from plays. It’s a great little gift that will remind him of his opening night.

Theatre Chocolate Cookies

You can’t go wrong with chocolate and cookies on opening night, unless he’s allergic, I guess. But seriously, chocolates are a great and practical gift to give him before an opening night show. These sweet treats have sweet messages like “Break a leg” and “Action!” Other cookies have little theatre masks and clapperboards made of chocolate. 

Food in general is a great gift for him on opening night – he’s not going to have time to get it on his own.

Personalized Vintage Notebook

I love giving people personalized notebooks before big moments in their lives. It’s a great way to encourage them to jot down some memories and small moments they might not otherwise remember. They’ll think fondly of opening night and you whenever they see this journal.

Personalized Flask with Gift Box

Another gift for the 21 and older actors, this personalized onyx flask is a great gift for actors on opening night. This stainless steel hip flask is absolutely beautiful. It holds about 4 shots. Out of all of the opening night gifts for him on this list, this one is probably my favorite! I really love the color and design of this gift.

Actor Mug

He’s a great actor and he’s proud of his profession – so show him that you’re proud of him too! He’ll be reminded of your support and feel your love every morning he uses this coffee mug. It’s a small gift that can mean a lot to an actor.

Theatre Tickets and Playbill Book

Gift him this book which he can fill with all of his past and future playbills and tickets. This is a quality binder that will preserve these important moments for him forever. This gift is especially cool if he plans on acting on broadway or working in the theatre in any professional capacity in the future.

Drama Must Remain On The Stage

This is a cute gift with a nice message for the actor who needs help filling up his walls at his new home. The text “All Drama Must Remain On The Stage” is printed over a page cut from the dictionary. The art has a vintage feel, and it would look great in a home office or theater room.

Personalized Wall Art Digital or Print Gift

Gift him his own star on the walk of fame and make him feel like a legend with this personalized digital print. You can customize it with his name and the date of the show. Print this out as an A4 size and grab a frame from Amazon.

Break and Leg Token

Gift him this affirmation token which he can carry with him in his pocket. It’s a small but thoughtful gift he’ll appreciate.

This gift would also pair well with the cookies or the good luck card listed above!

Theater Mask Gift Wrapping Paper

This theater themed wrapping paper is
the perfect wrapping paper to wrap one of the theater related gifts above. It’s a nice touch and shows you went the extra mile in preparation for his big night.

Wrapping Up: Opening Night Gift Ideas

Thanks for reading out gift guide on opening night gifts for men. We hope you found the perfect gift for his special night! Check out one of our many other gift guides, like inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything, for more inspiration.