27 Yankee Swap Gifts That Everyone Will Fight For

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Best Yankee Swap Gifts

If you‘re looking for ideas for Yankee Swap gifts, you‘ve come to the right place! We‘ve rounded up some of the best Yankee Swap gifts, from the funny to the practical to the just plain naughty. So whether you‘re looking for a gift that will make everyone laugh or the one they’ll fight for, we‘ve got you covered.

1. Bug Salt Gun

Everyone I know who has this loves it. It’s a salt gun for taking out bugs at home. The guys will be fighting over who gets to take this one home!

2. Somehow I Manage

This is an excellent Yankee Swap gift for the right crowd. This is a notebook full of quotes from The Office (US) series, and the cover is Michael G. Scott’s fictional autobiography. It’s a great gift for The Office fans, especially considering the yankee swap gifts scene. 

3. Star Wars Art Therapy

This is an excellent Yankee Swap gift! It’s a Star Wars book that promotes creativity and relaxation through a series of patterns and imagery. 

4. Foot Bath

This temperature-controlled foot bath is very reasonably priced and it’s a good Yankee Swap gift. The foot bath has heated water jets to massage and soothe your feet. 

5. I Wish I Didn't Know!

This is an entertaining game full of funny and raunchy facts. It’s super easy to play and great for parties and casual hangs. It’s made by the same creators of What Do You Meme?

6. LED Headlamp

This isn’t the most exciting gift on this list of Yankee Swap gifts, but it’s practical and useful, and people will want it. It’s a very bright LED headlamp and it has endless use cases.

7. Yeti Rambler

You really can’t go wrong with a Yeti. They’re excellent at keeping your beverages at the desired temperature for hours and people love them. This also has a great price point for most games.

8. Funny Coasters

Want to make people laugh? Then give this set of funny coasters in this year’s game of Yankee Swap. Each coaster has a funny saying like “Don’t f*ck up the table (please)” or “Be considerate, b*tches”. This will get a good laugh from the right crowd and will be a hot item.

9. Foam Roller

This is one of the best yankee swap gifts on this list. It’s a quality foam roller that will last for years. They’re an excellent recovery tool, but the receiver doesn’t need to work out to benefit from using one. Rolling with this will give them a deep tissue massage and help with knots, tight muscles, and more!

10. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Another practical and useful gift is a Bluetooth speaker. This one from Amazon basics is inexpensive and water resistant – making it perfect for outdoor hangouts, beach days, and more. 

11. Dog Water Bottle

Are there a lot of dog lovers in your game of yankee swap? If so, this might be the perfect gift to give. It’s a water bottle for dogs to be used on long walks. It has a small bowl on the end, which can quickly be filled to give the pup a drink while on the go. 

12. Personal Safety Alarm

Give this personal safety alarm for women, which has a siren that emits a 130dB shrill sound to scare off attackers. The alarm is easily activated by pulling the pin. There’s also a bright built-in LED strobe light to help draw attention visually.

13. NiceBalls

This one is great if you want to get a good laugh, though it’s not the most practical gift. They’re called nice balls, and they’re to help relieve stress. They can be mounted to the bottom of a desk to be squeezed whenever the receiver needs to let the stress out. It’s a hilarious gift, though, I would avoid giving this at office yankee swaps.

14. Toilet Timer

This is another silly gift that has a great price point. It’s called a Toilet Timer – it’s a 40-minute timer to let the user know it’s time to get off the pot when the clock runs out. It’s fun and silly, making it perfect for yankee swap.

15. Seat Gap Filler

This is a great gift for people who drive a lot and it’s unique. It fills the gap between the center console and seat, preventing things like your phone or change from falling into the abyss. 

16. Car Vacuum

This is an excellent gift for the neat freaks out there. It’s a car vacuum that works off of an auxiliary power outlet. It’s functional and has a great price point. 


17. Car Air Purifier with USB ports

This is another unique yankee swap gift idea for people who drive a lot. It’s an air purifier and USB port for their car. Like the vacuum above, it’s also powered via the auxiliary power outlet. It’s inexpensive, practical, and neat.

18. Burrito Blanket

Another funny yet practical gift is food-shaped blankets. One of my favorites is this oversized burrito blanket. People will be fighting to wrap themselves up in this bad boy,.

19. No Drip Honey Dispenser

This is one of the more thoughtful yankee swap gifts on this list. It’s a no drip honey dispenser with a unique design that dispenses the honey through the bottom. Check out our gifts for bee lovers for more bee-related gift ideas!

20. Honeycomb Stained Glass

If you’re looking for yankee swap gifts for a more tame crowd, this is a great gift. It’s a honeycomb stained glass window hanging that will look beautiful wherever the receiver hangs it.

21. Sleep Mask

Another practical gift idea is this eye mask to help improve sleep. Anyone who has bright windows in their room or flys often would love to have this. 

22. Whiskey Stones

Hang with a group of whiskey lovers? Then give these whiskey stones for your yankee swap game this year. They’re usually stones that keep your whiskey chilled without watering it down. 

23. Magnetic Kitchen Block

This is another great gift for a more tame game of yankee swap. it’s a magnetic kitchen block that stands vertically and holds knives magnetically while not in use.

24. Chefs Knife

This is a good chefs knife for the price. It’s a great gift for young adults who are just starting out. This quality knife will last them for many years

25. Joy Of Cooking

Joy of Cooking is a classic book that teaches the fundamentals of cooking and has thousands of recipes. This is the revised version of the classic Joy of Cooking.

26. Beard Set

Are beards in style with your group of friends? If so, this might be the perfect yankee swap gift. It’s a complete kit with everything they need to keep their beard looking good and feeling comfortable. No more try skin and frizzy beards!

27. Electric Candle Lighter

If you have candle pyros in the family, give this cool electric candle lighter. It’s rechargeable and windproof, making it perfect for lighting candles anywhere, anytime.

Wrapping Up: Yankee Swap Gifts

That’s it! Thanks for reading our post on the best yankee swap gifts! We hope you found the perfect gift that everyone will fight for! If you’re looking for more gift ideas, check out one of our other gift guides!